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Does Pollen Damage your Car’s Paint?

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Aug 16, 2018 10:28:13 AM

Have you been outside recently and noticed your car covered in a layer of yellow dust? The pollen count in Denver has been pretty high this season. In addition to constant sneezing and potential for heightened asthma symptoms, the pollen from weeds, trees, and grasses can damage the paint on your car.

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Topics: Collision

Where The Rubber Meets the Road, When it Comes to Oil Changes

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Jul 20, 2018 12:33:42 PM

In the quest to meet the current mileage standards, auto manufacturers have implemented many innovative technologies. Among these are advanced lubrication systems. Today’s engines have tighter tolerances and generally use thinner oil. Instead of 2 or 3 grades of oil as in the past, there are now over 10 types. Aside from lubricating engine parts, oil also operates other systems like variable valve timing.

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Topics: Maintenance

The Zipper Merge – Dealing With Lane Closures Due To Road Construction

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Jul 20, 2018 12:33:27 PM

Summer brings many wonderful things to life in Colorado: pools, vacations, beautiful weather – but there’s also one huge drawback: ubiquitous and dreaded Road Construction…

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Topics: Driving Safey

Addison Auto Helping Out In The Community

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Jun 21, 2018 8:59:13 AM

Abdul took a job with the US military as a combat interpreter in Afghanistan with a dream of helping his country and ours by fighting alongside US troops against Taliban extremists. After working with our troops for several years, Abdul's life became threatened and his family was actively pursued by the Taliban. In exchange for his service and to save the lives of his family, the US provided him a visa to the US. Living in a city with sky-high rent and where an education from his country means nothing, it is no small feat for Abdul to start over.

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Topics: Community

Road Trip! Tips On Preparing Your Car For A Summer Trip

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Jun 21, 2018 8:58:50 AM


School is out and summer is almost here! Planning is underway for the next great adventure – and preventative car maintenance should be an important component of your road trip plan. Suffering a breakdown can be stressful under any circumstances; but when you’re on the highway, miles from the nearest town, a breakdown can ruin your summer adventure. Some simple preparations can keep you and your family safely on the road:

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Topics: Pre-trip check-up

Perfect Weather Is A More Imperfect Driving Condition Than You Might Think

Posted by Dirk Owens on May 17, 2018 7:35:58 AM

Imperfect Weather

I came to work at Addison Auto in September of 2013. One of my first real surprises was learning that auto crashes are actually worse in Summer than Winter. Before I worked at a collision repair shop I would have assumed that snow made the roads icy and cars were more prone to crash on ice. What I came to learn is that people are much more cautious on the ice and tend to drive slower. Wrecks that tend to happen at lower speeds result in small damages. Conversely, in the Summertime people drive full speed everywhere and those same accidents that might have been smaller or avoided altogether become full blow collisions.

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Topics: Collision

Meet Addison Auto’s Top Notch Service Team

Posted by Tom Wenzel on May 17, 2018 7:35:34 AM

At Addison Auto Center we are passionate about taking care of you and your vehicles. Everything from routine manufacturer’s recommended service to complex diagnostics and repairs, our ASE Certified Master Technicians are here to keep your vehicle on the road. We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service. Here’s a quick glance at the team:

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Topics: Community

What’s That Awful Smell Coming From My A/C Vents?

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Apr 24, 2018 8:30:15 AM

Now that it’s spring time in Denver you’re likely using your car’s air conditioning more often on the average day. When you turn on the A/C, are you overwhelmed by a foul smell - similar to dirty socks? This is a common situation in most vehicles, there’s no need to feel self conscious. The odors invading your car are due to fungus, mold and/or bacteria growing in your car’s A/C system. Mold and bacteria thrive in dark and damp spaces, making your A/C system a prime target. Don’t despair! There are a few things you can do to control or eliminate these odors:

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Topics: Air Conditioning

$ Saving Automotive Maintenance Tips

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Mar 23, 2018 1:22:01 PM

Routine maintenance on your vehicle shouldn’t be considered a “repair cost”, think of it as more of a gym membership or eating healthy for your body. The better you take care of your body, the healthier you are and the longer you live. Your vehicle is not any different, your vehicle requires routine maintenance to last over 200 or 300K miles. Yes, this is possible with today’s vehicles, with attention paid to maintenance, your vehicle will last a very long time and be more problem free. Many actual repairs performed to vehicles are a result of poor maintenance. Of course some things will always just break or wear out, but simple regular maintenance can prevent some breakdowns. Here are a few important ones.

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Topics: Maintenance

Tips for Spring Driving in Colorado – Are you Ready?

Posted by Tom Wenzel on Mar 23, 2018 1:21:58 PM

Winter driving in Colorado can be tricky, but there are many things to keep in mind when hitting the road in the spring.

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Topics: spring driving

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